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About Silver Rain

A comfortable and refined atmosphere, light, barely perceptible music, the absence of extraneous sounds - nothing will prevent you from relaxing and having fun. You will enjoy your feelings while taking spa treatments, the city bustle will suddenly seem so far away, as if our salon really turned into a magical world of exotic countries.

High-quality service

Here you will get first-class service from our employees


Qualified personnel

We employ highly qualified specialists in their field


Number of types of therapy

Our Silver Rain center offers many types of services and therapies


Competitive prices

Our price/quality ratio is very high, as is the service provided to you


Marble chair
«Luna Astro»

Our spa has an exotic room with a unique chair made of marble with an antibacterial coating "Luna Astro". This chair is designed according to modern technology by European manufacturers (Spain). The uniqueness of this chair is that three masters work with the client lying on it at once. Massage is performed in three hands (head, arms, legs). The unique heated chair "Luna Astro" with a truly royal ritual allows you to feel like a sultan or Cleopatra and plunge into the world of luxury and bliss.

exotic massage experience

In this massage parlor, Balinese masters perform a variety of exotic and oriental massages. You will be offered a choice of more than 10 massages: Balinese, Lomi-Lomi, Shiatsu, Balinese head and shoulder massage and others. Our masters were specially brought here from Bali, where massage is a science and a philosophy of life. Visiting this room will give you an unforgettable feeling of relaxation.

Thai Room

Since ancient times, people have been looking for elixirs of youth, health and beauty. In the monasteries of distant Siam, sages have spent centuries studying ways to influence the body in order to achieve harmony of mind and body. This led to the practice of traditional Thai massage, a system that combines elements of yoga, acupressure, and reflexology. To learn the secrets of oriental medicine and the fascinating world of Asian exotics there is no need to go to Thailand. In our spa center you can experience the extraordinary effect of one of the oldest massages. Thai massage is youth, health and beauty! Feel the harmony of body and soul!

Relaxation area

After beauty treatments, guests of Serebryany Dozhd Sanatorium can relax in the recreation room. This is a very comfortable place with everything you need for a pleasant and relaxing stay: modern heated chairs, low tables decorated with unique lights, a large aquarium and two fireplaces with traditional Balinese incense scents. Tea ceremonies are held in and in this room, and you can also have fresh juices and cocktails here.

Turkish Hammam

In Turkey, the first hammam was built just like 800 years ago. The literal meaning of the hammam is that heat is distributed. This is a domed bathhouse with underfloor heating and a large sofa in the center. The domed ceiling is designed for steam to rise up and condense without going down, allowing the resulting moisture to flow smoothly down the walls to the floor. A distinctive feature of the hammam is the high humidity in the bath. During prolonged body contact with a 45-50 degree angle, steam, hot marble couches and walls heat penetrates the body deeper. The muscles recover quickly, the skin is thoroughly cleansed, the high temperature subsides, the respiratory system stabilizes, and the whole body is actively cleansed. The hamam is an ideal place for people with cardiovascular diseases. The load on the heart is minimal, and the health benefits are obvious.

Steam area

The pace of modern life leaves us with very little chance to fully relax, relax and be alone. The sauna gives us particularly precious and valuable moments of relaxation. Bath treatments are not only pleasant, but also very useful. Alternating between a hot sauna and a cool pool cleanses the skin's pores, effectively removes toxins from the body, reduces blood cholesterol, normalizes metabolism, and prevents diseases of the cardiovascular, genitourinary, nervous, musculoskeletal, and gastrointestinal systems.

Balinese massage

Balinese massage — this is a combination of deep muscle and point effects, as well as aromatherapy with natural oils. Due to careful study of all areas of the body, it is possible to remove internal blocks that interfere with the natural passage of energy in the body, change the psychological state and save a person from stress, depression, and negative emotions.

Alpha Sphere

For a few minutes, a person is immersed in a state of deep relaxation, the so-called "alpha state". during which the senses of time and space dissolve. Deep within yourself, you can discover new worlds, restore your strength, and draw creative power.


Color: Magnetic, monochrome blue radiates a deep calm.
Shape: Sofa wings take a person and carry them away
Sound: Three-dimensional cloud sounds reveal perception
Light: a radiant semantic cocoon envelops a person
Warmth: the warm surface of the sofa relaxes the body
Breathing: The man sways gently to the rhythm of his breathing.
Vibration: Soft vibrations touch the entire body.



We offer you to visit our gym, equipped with modern mechanical simulators for all muscle groups, such world-famous companies as "Life Fitness", "Starline", "Sportop", "Ergoline", With it you can train both beginners and professional athletes equipment. Gym instructors will guide you in the gym, teach you how to perform exercises correctly, and create a personal training program that takes into account individual characteristics and requests.

Shaping room

Fitness is the whole science of a healthy lifestyle that helps develop a willingness to organize your activities in a volatile, unpredictable life. It is a lifestyle that aims to improve a person's health and physical well-being. Fitness exercises, as a rule, radically change a person's idea of their life's purpose, give them the opportunity to make their life healthy, full and interesting.

Hair and Pedicure salon

The Silver Rain barber shop is designed for individual clients and is equipped with a comfortable chair. Hairdressers will offer washing, drying and styling of hair, as well as a head massage using various masks. The "Silver Rain" foot care procedures use the products of the world-famous manufacturers "Creative"and " Magrav". Their products are made using natural ingredients. Pedicure is a very pleasant, relaxing treatment that includes foot massage. In our salon you will be offered a comprehensive and full range of procedures and products for finger and skin care. Machine and manual methods will ensure excellent results and a well-groomed appearance of hands and feet.

Cosmetology office

In the "Silver Rain" spa, our cosmetologists will offer you a wide range of face and body care procedures, which, depending on the problem, will include: face cleaning, facial scrubs; gommage; massages (lymphatic drainage, lifting, spot); masks; ice cream applications by skin type; wrapping paper; moisturizing. Silver Rain Spa uses professional spa products from Giselle Delorme. and " Sens and Spirit "(France). The effectiveness and excellent results of spa treatments are achieved thanks to the combination of high-quality cosmetics and the experience of our cosmetologists. Your face and body will regain the healthy glow of youth.

Stone therapy: Hot stone massage

Stone therapy or hot stone massage is one of the oldest methods of relaxation and wellness with a thousand-year history. In China, hot stones have been used to relax tired muscles since the Chang Dynasty (2000-1500 BC). Hot stone massage has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, helps normalize blood pressure in normal conditions, stimulates the central and autonomic nervous systems, and relieves muscle fatigue and tension.


Shirodhara is a special Ayurvedic procedure, during which a thin stream of warm oil is poured on the patient's forehead in the area of the third eye. Traditionally, sesame oil is used, but more often a mixture of vegetable and essential oils prepared in accordance with the personal imbalance of the dosha is effective. Shirodhara has a powerful stimulating effect on the nervous system, causes a surge of neurohormones and leads to ecstatic feelings of relaxation and great pleasure.

Water corridor

The two hydro-treatment areas in our spa are connected by a unique water corridor that has the effect of a small waterfall. Modern design with decorative elements that have been brought from the Indian Ocean coast give this place a special atmosphere and identity.